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Chapter News 


OnPurposeLife Event Coming Soon...

October 2022

How to Discover Your Zone of Genius and Stay There!

Talk Description:

In this energizing and engaging session, James Madison will spark personal productivity, professional
development, and peak team performance. He will identify the activities, environments, and circumstances
that energize you and the ones that drain you.

The way we live our values and align our superpowers fuels our development and achievement of our highest
Work-Life aspirations. When we understand why we do what we do, we will have more influence and create
a greater impact. When we live In Purpose. On Purpose, we attract all the blessings, resources, and people we
need to achieve our goals. Learn how to Pivot On Purpose to align who you are with what you do for more joy,
peace, and happiness. When we live our purpose, we never work another day in our lives!

Learning Objectives:

  • You will learn the primary core values that motivate and inspire everything you do and strategies to stay in your Zone of Genius.
  • You will recognize the environments, activities, and circumstances that energize you and the ones that drain you.
  • You will understand how to Pivot On Purpose and align who you are with what you do.
  • You will learn how to implement a game plan to cultivate stronger personal and professional relationships.
  • You will identify how to achieve Work-Life Integration for greater personal and professional fulfillment.

Session Elements:

  • General Session Presentation (75 mins)
  • Free Core Values Index Assessments for everyone